Sunday, 4 August 2013

Right. First of all I blame you Donks as I am so hooked that all what I can think of is new ideas of making cards!!! I think I need therapy or something like that.

Yesterday we were at the Proms, listening to Strauss' and Beethoven's most beautiful pieces and all what I could think of is crafting. Instead appreciating the music, the musicians and the conductor I was imagining cards. ARGHHH! What a waste!

Anyways. I am in love with some newly find card stock paper, but I am not getting them at the moment. These are from Crafter's Companion, pastel coloured card stock. Oh, I could spend a lot of money on it. Fortunately, my crafting friend gives me advice about buying craft essentials. And she recons it would be too early, which is true. I am still so clumsy with paper and have a lot to learn.

Until that I only have one option: practice!

1 comment:

  1. don't blame me Mo, just admit that you like it. it's nothing to do with me. :-)
    anyway, let's go to your card. it is lovely and brave that you tried something different.